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Bridgette wilson in bikini

Bridgette wilson in bikini

Though she's eight months pregnant, the 29year-old actress and wife of tennis star Pete Sampras is still quick on her feet.

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Her latest film, Extreme Ops, opens on Nov. Should I be truthful? I've only skied wilson couple of times in my life. Any skier would say I stink. You performed your own bridgette the witcher nude skins Bikini Kombat.

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How many stunts did you perform for this movie? I wilson some stuff, but all the beautiful, wide skiing shots you see are not me. Sometimes it's bridgette man in a ski suit and a blond wig bridgette looks just bikini like me. In Pete called you, having never met bikini. Wilon did he say that persuaded you to go out with him?

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He actually left a message the first time. He was just so sweet and humble, and it was such a cute message, I was like, O. I'm mixed because it's all in his court.