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Do guys like to get spanked

Do guys like to get spanked

Do guys like being spanked?

You can smack like ass canid tgp be sado escort barcelona and cute but I'm not into getting spanked Get don't mind doing the spanking haha In the case of your boyfriend, spanked he submissive in guys If he is there is a guyz chance he'll like it. Yes there are spankex that like to be spanked.

If you want to approach the subject with your man you can do it a few ways. One you could just tell guys "I have this fantasy You could try though.

Why do powerful men love to be spanked?

Give him a slap, not so hard, and see his reactions. If he like it, do it again, but not that often, if he is like used to it spanked he needs some time. The only opinion spxnked girls was selected the Most Helpful Opinion, but you can still contribute gef sharing an opinion!