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Me and my dirt bike lyrics

Me and my dirt bike lyrics

Can I have this dance with you one more time.

We need you!

Before I start down the road of my brand new life. Lyrics matter how old I get I will always be your son. Riding trikes and my dirt bikes, and crashing in the sand. You were my best friend, you were my number one fan.

Dirt Bike Lyrics

,y time that I got hurt, you were there to hold my hand. I may not call you as much as I should. I may not say I love you as much as I could. I owe bike all to you. When I left home I was wild I dirt free.

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I made every mistake you could make but you still believed in me. And back I was a brat when I thought I knew it all.

But every time that I fell short you were there to catch my fall.