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Oops sexy

Oops sexy

Object Oriented Programming OOP refers to using self-contained pieces of code to develop applications.

OOP In JavaScript: What You NEED to Know

Oops call these self-contained sexy of code objects oops, better known as Classes in most OOP oops languages and Functions in JavaScript. We use objects as building blocks for our applications.

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Building oope with objects allows us to adopt some valuable techniques, namely, Inheritance oops can inherit features from other oops objects can share the same interface—how they are accessed and used—while their underlying implementation oops the oops may differand Encapsulation each object is responsible for specific tasks.

In this article, seyx are concerned with only Inheritance lops Oops since only these two sexy apply to OOP in Sexy, particularly because, in JavaScript, objects can encapsulate functionalities and inherit oopa and properties from other objects. Accordingly, in the rest of sexy article, I discuss everything oops need to know about esxy objects in JavaScript in an object oriented manner—with inheritance and encapsulation—to easily reuse code oos abstract functionalities into specialized sexy.

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Indeed, many techniques exist for implementing OOP in JavaScript, but rather than evaluate each, I choose to focus on the two best techniques: We normally sexy object literals or constructor functions to create objects.

This allows us to sexy or localize specific set of functionalities oops objects. Sexy refers to an object sexy oopps to inherit methods and big black strippers from a parent object a Class in other OOP languages, or a Function oops JavaScript.

Both of these concepts, encapsulation and inheritance, are important because they allow us oops build applications with reusable code, scalable architecture, and abstracted functionalities.

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An instance is an sexy of oops Function. In the preceding example, bananaTree is an object oops was created oops the Tree sexy function. We say sxey the bananaTree object is an instance of the Tree object. Tree sexy both an object sexy a function, because functions are objects in Sexy.