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Регистрация доменов ‘MX’, купить домен в доменной зоне ‘MX’

Реселлерская программа Сайт для реселлеров Идея бизнеса. Ответственность застрахована.

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Услуги 2domains. RU Не является рекламой и публичной офертой. Информация носит справочный характер. Логотип зоны. All the prople who consider affected its rights promoter and that wish to ask for the cancellation of the registration or transfer of the ownership of a. MX domain name, agree to submit to the dispute resolution policy on domain names. MX, made by an independent and impartial group of experts, in the following cases: Evidence of registration or use in bad faith.

The following circumstances, among others, will be evidence of registration or use in bad faith of a domain name: Circumstances that indicate that it has been registered or acquired the domain name primarily for the purpose of selling, renting or otherwise transferring the domain name registration to the petitioner who is the owner of the trademark or registered service, announcement commercial registered, appellation of origin or reservation of rights, or the competitor of the petitioner, for a value that exceeds the documented costs that are directly related to the domain name; or.

Rights and legitimate interests. It will demonstrate rights and legitimate interests over the domain name when any of the circumstances enunciative but not limited are presented, as follows: Initiation cpr of the procedure. The requirements for the initiation and the LDRP procedure policy, as for the selection of an administrative group of experts, which are set out in the Rules of procedure for resolving disputes concerning the abusive registration of.

The petitioner shall select the provider from among those authorized by the Registry. MX, transmitting the promoter the dispute resolution of domain names directly to the supplier. Transfer of ownership during a dispute.

Доменная зона MX, регистрация доменов MX

The owner may not transfer the ownership of the domain name during a procedure for resolving disputes concerning. MX reserves the right to cancel any transfer of ownership of a domain name that infringes the provisions of this paragraph.

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Taxes and fees. All taxes and fees in connection with any dispute before an administrative group of experts should be paid as established by each supplier. The effects available to the petitioner pursuant to any procedure before an administrative group of experts should be limited to: The owner of a.

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MX domain name, and the promoter agree to abide the decisions of any group of experts, expressly indicated in the Registry. MX as service provider of. MX domain name dispute resolution, and implementation that makes the Registry. MX by the decision dictated by the group of experts.

Participation of the Registry. MX in the resolution of disputes. The owner and the promoter accept and know that the Registry. MX does not participate nor will participate in the administration or conduct of any procedure before a group of experts. In addition, the owner and the petitioner agree and know that the Registry. MX is not responsible for any decision rendered by the administrative panel if not acting in according with their authority, or consequences of their application. Notification and publication.

The provider will notify in spanish language to the Registry. MX any resolution adopted by a group of experts for a domain name. All the decisions adopted under this policy applicable to disputes, will be posted on the Registry. MX website: The petitioner should immediately notify postal address of the Registry. MX and to the email: MX of any process, initiated in regards a. MX domain name. Any changes or updates to the Policies to register a domain name will be published with a notice of 15 days immediately after the date of its entry into force, in the Registry.

Once the previous deadline passes, the domain name holder will be bound under these new policies, without requiring the Registry. MX to perform any other publication or notice. Unless it has been submitted an application for a dispute resolution prior to the entry into force of the new s version s of this Policy, in which case the version of the Policy would be forced at the time of filing the application for a settlement of a dispute, the new s version s of the Policy will link the holder of the domain name in any dispute over.

MX domain name registrations, regardless of whether the events of the dispute has arisen prior to the date of entry into force of change on that date or thereafter.

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