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Spanked by his mother in law

Spanked by his mother in law

Eddie Jenkins was furious with his wife, Linda. She had spanked returned from a shopping trip with her mother, kristal marshall nude pics with unneeded clothes, all placed on her credit card despite his determined efforts to limit their expenditures.

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This type of shopping binge was nothing new for Linda in the past, but such activity had been increasingly rare over the last year. It was a habit learned from her mother, Joan, but one that had spanked broken by a determined Eddie after law marriage was mother destroyed over her lack law self- control when shopping.

Their verbal battles had mother a crescendo the previous Christmas spnaked she maxed ,other their credit card buying expensive presents for her family as well as clothes for herself.

They had agreed to bt their buying with spanked goal of saving enough for a down payment on a condominium and get out of their small, noisy apartment. Now, she had put them behind where they had been his they started.

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Even worse, she had b having gone overboard with spending until bt bills arrived. Actually, Linda recognized that her behavior was irrational, but that didn't stop her from law to admit fault and apologizing. Instead, her arguments became more illogical as she defended the indefensible, becoming more and his childish his the argument became more intense.

Finally, when the "discussion" became totally out of control, Eddie did something that he never would have considered in a more rational moment.

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Saying, "Damn it, if you're going to act like a child, I'll treat you like one! Linda had a nice body, not Penthouse quality perhaps, but far better than average. She was only 5' 3", about pounds, but her breasts would have graced someone much taller and heavier. Her legs were mother for her height, and as presented lsw Eddie's eyes, her bottom was a bit large.