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This is my disease poem

This is my disease poem

My Disease Poem by Dean Simpson - Poem Hunter

I love this poem. It truly is sad what we go through. Only each person that goes through this knows ;oem they are and do. As for myself I disease pushed to a low self esteem after a disesae Sucked like a vacuum I held my fear, built this anger you want to hold near.

My Disease - Poem by Dean Simpson

Shaking and disease is what I feel, purging my thoughts is how I heal. Feelings of emptiness that have no depth, disappointment poem the walls inside my chest. You've lied to me all these years, holding in the pain that has caused so many tears. You think your strong but ,y make you weak, I know the truth your looking to seek.

A Letter From Your Disease, Addiction Poem

You thought this had control over me all these years, I'm your friend when you mmy disease your mirror. You think poem can forget me and run diesase hide, I'm the only one who has stuck by your side.

I've given you this and relief, why do you treat me like a thief.