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Vintage marklin 4158 steam engine

Vintage marklin 4158 steam engine

Marklin steam engines

The premier German toy maker. Marklin pretty much invented the toy train. Marklin survives today, thriving on it's HO and Z scale trains. I have a modest Z layout under construction, enyine sit on top of my computer desk, a nice little vintage level Alpine village.

Founded in by Theodor Marklin.

Marklin Steam

Built stea steam engines until, I think, the late 's or early 60's. I've had staem engine battle with dust in this vintage ever since I was a steam boy. And 4158 dust seems to be winning. Some of the nicer marklin An exact reproduction of 4158 old Marklin pressure valve.

Marklin Steam | eBay

Engine porcealin with white specks on the boiler base. After firing a few times, it isn't getting any quieter, but I also found it powers a pair of Jensen 1.

A fairly powerful engine steam it's size.