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Strong experience building apps with these technologies: Strong communication skills, including both spoken and written upper intermediate English will be required. An electronic data capture EDC system is a computerized system designed for the collection of clinical data in electronic format for use mainly in human clinical trials. EDC replaces the traditional paper-based data collection methodology to streamline data collection and expedite the time to market for drugs and medical devices.

EDC solutions are widely adopted by pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations CRO. EDC systems are used by life sciences organizations, broadly defined as the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology industries in all aspects of clinical research, but are particularly beneficial for late-phase phase III-IV studies and pharmacovigilance and post-market safety surveillance. We have a great opportunity for you!

If you are a passionate Middle.


NET Developer, join our company and help us implement your ideas into a new warehouse management platform. Our customer is a globally known vehicle brand listed among top 10 biggest carmakers in the world. The company is famous for its considerable investments in research and development worldwide.

NETJavaScript. NET C.

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Design, develop and support new and existing business solutions; Participate in all steps of the software project from design to integration; Create and maintain SQL queries, stored procedures, triggers and views; Work in a team or individually in all phases of the software development life-cycle. Customer is looking for experienced result-oriented professionals to fulfill the position of.

NET Developers working for international clients in an enterprise-focused team.

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More than 5 years of work experience in C and principles of. Project Overview: Candidate is going to join the Product Tools team responsible for creating the internal services that enable the continuous integration and delivery of products. In this team, you will be involved with new and existing projects, customer-facing solutions, and contribute to other teams that we work closely with.

Job Description: The responsibilities include: Working together with development team in Berlin on further feature development, i. Не так давно приобрел датчик температуры и влажности и к конкурсу решил создать проект сервера домашней метеостанции, при обращению к которому выдаются результаты с датчиков по JSON и написать виджет к телефону Android, показывающий данные показания.

Виджет выводит показания с датчиков при нахождении дома домашняя сетьили из любого другого места при подключении телефона к интернету. We will describe how to handle the specific library to use the WiFi shield as a WEB client for a public website that will collect data coming from sensors.

Tomorrow the World- Arduino as webserver. Input and output across web- art5serv.

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They are prosecuted to apply conventional simple control via ethernet network as the basis of advanced technology. Это управление осуществлялось через веб-интерфейс путем установки на малинку веб-сервера и использования фреймворка webiopi. В тот раз я сделал управления 4 модульным реле через интернет обо всем этом еще будет публикация. Так вот, давно собирался попробовать нечто подобное на Arduino. С Raspberry Pi проблем не.

Оно и неудивительно: Итак сделано следующее: Ethernet термометр на основе Arduino. О цифровых термометрах на основе Arduino было сказано немало. Все они либо подключались к компьютеру, либо выводили температуры сразу на дисплей.

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Но мне был нужен уличный термометр, который автономно и отправляет данные на сайт. BSc or MSc in Software Engineering or equivalent in a similar field; Profound Java programming skills with at least 3 years of development experience, including Java Spring Boot; At least basic Python knowledge preferred; Experience with cloud computing i.

The MS Team works on indexing and searching geographical data. Our daily work is all about data mining, string processing, efficient data structures, machine learning and ranking algorithms. We are proud to have top software engineers, machine learning specialists and mathematicians in our team which is spread across offices in the USA and Germany.

Do you like maps? Years of research, testing, analysis of how people ask "How do I get to where I want to go?

Having the following skills is a plus: Experience in at least one of the following areas; Search esp. Javascript jQuery.

Net Developer Dnipro, Odessa.

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Необходимые навыки. Middle Full Stack. Our customer a global IT outsourcing company, located in Kyiv. Our core value is to help our Clients business to grow by providing high-quality innovative development products what makes us absolutely excited!

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If you are ambitious and brave to deal with risks to overcome all obstacles then we are looking for you and. What are we looking for? Required skills: Предлагаем You will get: КПИ фото: Наш стек: Для ускорения процесса разработки новых систем для всех продуктов мы используем единый стек технологий, особое внимание уделяя стандартизации, реюзабельности наших сервисов, микро-сервисной, системной архитектуре DDD, CQRSприменяя лучшие практики Agile, Scrum, TDD, BDD в разработке крупных масштабируемых веб-систем.

Symfony3; Doctrine2; Paymaxi. Framework — Databases: VueJS 2. Webpack — module bundler; Scss — stylesheet language; Package manager — Npm, Yarn.