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Storing large files or file collections resource overusage Your hosting account can overuse resources if you are hosting a file repository or large collection of files. Is this an issue for me? Here are some common indicators of excessive disk space usage: Hosting a file repository Hosting a misconfigured caching plugin that creates a large amount of invalid files Storing automatic backups of your website on your hosting account Automatically generating large files or collections of files, such as security camera videos How can I correct this issue?

You can try to correct file usage issues by following any and all of these steps: Remove content that you do not need. Remove any automatic backup plugins that store backups on the hosting. Storing you data securely can be a major advantage for a company. On our Storage Server your data is safe from external factors. Furthermore you have access to your data around the clock from anywhere in the world.

Static websites on Azure Storage now generally available

Switzerland offers the highest levels of security and privacy. Furthermore you can profit from the Swiss neutralityfinancial security and high Swiss standards. Hosting your Secure Storage Server within our Europe-based datacenter can be a very valuable asset to your firm. In contrast, if you want to host a dynamic website with the ASP.

Static websites can be powerful with the use of client-side JavaScript.

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You can build a web app using popular frameworks like React. If there is a need to manipulate or process data on the server side, simply call the relevant managed Azure service like Azure Cognitive Services or leverage a web server of your own hosted on Azure Functions.

Azure Storage makes hosting of websites easy and cost-efficient.

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You can then upload your static content to this container for hosting. Your content will be available through a web endpoint i. If you prefer a guided experience, follow the tutorial series on hosting your website on Azure Storage and configuring a custom domain with an SSL certificate. One scenario where you might use static website hosting is to build a website to interact with your data in Azure Storage.

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